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The ecare system is simple & easy to use, making it a useful tool for anyone wanting to manage their health
Individual & Families

Individual & Families

ecare assists people to remain living independently, while providing peace of mind & a connection with friends & family.

Retirement Villages

Retirement Villages

ecare can service retirement villages that operate independently with no care services & assist care managed villages all the way through to...



Bring wellness & awareness to your workplace through the ecare system. ecare allows staff to collect, monitor & generate timely health...

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Wellness devices are used to measure & record wellness readings such as weight, temperature, blood pressure, glucose levels & heart rate. Each user is trained to use the devices they individually require, additionally the users learn how to store & review their health data. Tackling health issues at inception is key. Data collection is driven by the devices and only requires a few minutes of the users time.  GP, specialist, caregivers & family members can all be invited in through the ecare portal to receive alerts, updates & review the users wellness data.

Socialisation and Communication

The ecare platform is both comprehensive & diverse. One of it’s strongest features is that the system can be completely customised, expanded or reduced for the requirements of every user. ecare can bring family & friends closer through one touch & no touch video calls, easy photo, message & letter sharing. Friends & family with Facebook can load photo’s that will immediately push into the slide show, reducing distances, bringing & including their loved one in day to day activities, overseas travel & precious life moments.

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Activity sensors can pick up early signs of wandering, generate falls alerts, light the way at night, cut off water/electricity & generate alerts when windows & doors are opened outside regular hours. The alerts can be sent as a text, email or a phone call.

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ecare came in really handy this week. We had one resident who had a bit of a turn in our dining room. Dizzy, pale, blurred vision. So I asked her if her blood pressure may be low, we got the BP machine, took her reading and we were able to contact her doctor with the reading. She was very thankful we had such a great resource available. The residents really do appreciate having the system. A big thank you from our resident.

RozThe Orchards

A lot can happen in a month when you are 82 so it's reassuring to have your weight and blood pressure taken with the ecare system regularly. I don't have to get in the care, it's a 1 minute walk to the community center.

ShirleyResident Wairarapa Village

I have been using the ecare system at Melifecare to check my blood pressure levels and report them to my Doctor, who became concerned when the reported readings were high. Using the ecare system meant that the issue was identified early and my Doctor was able to sort it before it became a larger problem with the potential to upset our pending overseas holiday. My Doctor was complimentary of Metlifecare's health initiative of making ecare available to their residents.

Tony B. Resident Metlifecare Tauranga
Tony B.

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