ecare Activity, Telehealth Sensors & Automated Devices

ecare Activity Sensors

By attaching Motion, Door, Bed, Chair, Stove or Appliance Sensors to the ecare system the caregiver or family member can be alerted to unusual or excessive activity or inactivity.

The ecare system uses a variety of discreet, non-invasive sensors to accurately monitor the daily activities of a client or resident without impeding their lifestyle, privacy, or negatively affecting the aesthetics of the home.

Parameters are set, with alerts & notifications designated to the retirement village super user, caregivers & family members.

Fixed buttons &wearable pendants are also able to be used by the client or resident, with actions assigned should the button be activated.

ecare Telehealth Sensors

These wireless, bluetooth enabled sensors are used to measure & record health & wellness readings.

Easy to read graphs or tables of data can be reviewed directly on the touchscreen, or remotely online by GP’s, specialists, Village RN’s, caregivers & family members.

Telehealth sensors can include a blood pressure cuff, weight scale, pulse oximeter (to monitor blood oxygen saturation level & pulse rate), glucometer for diabetics & a medication schedule which can notify the user when it’s time to take medications.

ecare Smart Home Automated Devices

Automated devices such as climate sensors, caller ID sensors & control systems for lighting, blinds & heating can also be incorporated into the ecare system to provide an added level of care.For example, an indoor climate reading of less than 18 degrees may trigger a text alert to the maintenance man.