ecare Interactive Touchscreen

The ecare system operates straight out of the box. It is preloaded with stock photos, trivia questions, brain games, news headlines, word definitions, music, nostalgia items, zip code for accurate & up to date weather reports & there are numerous options that the user can customize such as the screens background colour & the speed of banners & photos.

A continuous slideshow is displayed when the user is not utilizing the ecare touchscreen. Family photos & Facebook feeds can be loaded to personalize the system simply & easily.

When the screen is touched, the user can access all communications on-demand. Video Chat via Skype, wellness assessment forms, interactive board games, streaming health & entertainment videos, favourite music genres, specially selected interest websites, incoming emails & the ability to reply to messages & emails. Photos, calendar events, news, weather, word definitions, famous quotations, trivia with choices & nostalgia.

The interactive touchscreen provides simple interaction with the user. Simple touch interrupts the continuous slideshow & there is password protection for sensitive areas.

Touchscreen Buttons

  • Daily/weekly/monthly calendar
  • Two-Way Video Chat utilizing Skype
  • Email & messages
  • News/Weather updated regularly
  • Photo albums  (these can be sent by family caregivers)
  • Websites – interest websites can be loaded remotely
  • Health – Telehealth charts
  • Brain exercises
  • Games – solitaire, mastermind, trivia, Tic-Tac-Toe, Pick the Caption/ What’s This/In what year
  • Music – link to on-line radio stations
  • Podcasts locally & internationally
  • Caller ID- picture of video caller