Individual & Families

Individuals & Families

ecare provides support to individuals wanting to live independently as well as peace of mind for their families.

Health challenges can affect every member of your family from children through to grandparents & ecare can provide excellent solutions for all their needs.

ecare offers both purchase & rental options, with purchase price starting from $1,100 + gst and rental starting from $168 + gst per month theres a system to suit your situation.

How does ecare work?
ecare’s  friendly touch screen is incredibly simple to use. The system offers:

– Health data collection, storage & report generation which can automatically be sent to your GP, specialist, carer or family member – alerting them to any changes or providing updates as required
– Access to your favourite websites from a single button press
– Video chat with friends & family with one touch (or no touch if required)
– Photos automatically appear from family & friends
– Reminders of when to take medication on screen or sent to you as a text, email or phone call
– Activity monitoring which will alert family or carers of any unusual activity – or inactivity
– Trivia, puzzles, radio stations & watching online videos for fun and entertainment

If you or your family worries about you falling, whether you have eaten or taken your medication then ecare is right for you.

Ageing brings new challenges around caring for ourselves & balancing the concerns of our family – this is where ecare can assist you.

Maintaining independence is different for every person, which is why ecare can be tailored to suit you and your family. We will discuss your concerns & goals and configure the system to meet your specific needs.

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