Testimonials from Clients & Residents

“A lot can happen in a month when you are 82 so it’s reassuring to have your weight and blood pressure taken with the ecare system regularly.

I don’t have to get in the car. It’s a 1 minute walk to the community center.”

Wairarapa Village

“I have been using the ecare system at Metlifecare to check my blood pressure levels and report them to my Doctor, who became concerned when the readings were high.

Using the ecare system meant that the issue was identified early and my Doctor was able to sort it before it became a larger problem with the potential to upset our pending overseas holiday.

My Doctor was complimentary of Metlifecare’s health initiative of making ecare available to their residents.”

Tony B.
Metlifecare Tauranga

“After a period in hospital with a heart problem, ecare has helped me watch my blood pressure. I lost a lot of weight in the hospital and I am now trying to keep it off. I come everyday to check my weight, ecare is really simple – there is nothing to it.”

Ted B
Metlifecare Poynton

“I was thinking to buy a blood pressure device to use at home and then I remembered reading that our village had the ecare system. Ecare allows me to monitor my blood pressure and pulse whenever I want. I will print my date off and take to my next Rheumatologist appointment. I found the training simple and the system easy to use. The training was professional. The ecare staff member was at our village on a public holiday.”

Kerrill C
Metlifecare Greenwich

“Sonja does a great job, she is so kind and patient with the residents, nothing ever seems too much for her.  Great asset!!!”

Kaileigh R
Metlifecare Highlands

Testimonials from Retirement village staff & Businesses

“Our residents are really excited about ecare. Thank you for bringing it in our village.”

The Orchards

“ecare came in really handy this week. We had one resident who had a bit of a turn in our dining room. Dizzy, pale, blurred vision. So I asked her if her blood pressure may be low. We got the BP machine, took her reading and we were able to contact her doctor with the reading. She was very thankful we had such a great resource available. The residents really do appreciate having the system. A big thank you from our resident.”

The Orchards

Some time ago I started using the Ecare system personally due to high blood pressure and was so impressed on how easy it is that I decided to purchase one for the company and make it accessible for all staff (35 staff).

Our staff regularly check blood pressure & we have had a “biggest loser” competition to help motivate staff with losing some of those extra pounds.

4 of us use the ecare system to lose weight & it works, you don’t want to be seen as gaining weight standing on the scales each week in front of your peers so it’s actually changed my eating habits and I have now lost 13Kgs.

Several of our tenants in the same building use the ecare system for checking weight & blood pressure and they comment on how easy & motivating it is to use.

I happily encourage staff to use the system, as it takes less than a minute to check your BP & weight weekly & if it makes them feel better like I do then what a fantastic tool to have.

W Stenson
General Manager
Automation Associates

“As part of Metlifecare’s commitment to resident wellbeing. Metlifecare has installed an ecare system in every village.

The ecare system gives residents and village staff the opportunity to monitor their own blood pressure, pulse and weight on a regular basis.

The ecare touchscreen has been customised to provide access to a range of health, news and other relevant web sites and announcements that relate to the village and local health initiatives.”

Sarah Bate
Operations Manager
Metlifecare Support Office

I use the ecare system on an almost weekly basis. I find it a great way to keep an eye on my weight and the graphing system is a great way to view the overall results and progress. It’s so easy.

Alex W
Techstyle Ltd

Sonja from ecare has been instrumental in the roll out of our Ecare system. Sonja has taken our residents through the system at their own pace and at a time that works for them. We couldn’t have achieved such a successful roll out across our villages without Sonja’s support and energy.

Sarah Bath
Operations Manager