Help your employees stay on top of their health.

Health & safety is an integral part of every New Zealand business no matter what size, structure or line of business you are in. As a business owner, company director or manager health & safety will be part of your daily operations. ecare can help your business deliver a simple, efficient & easy to use interactive touchscreen, that will capture, store & process the health data for your employees.

ecare will track important employee health data over time. A wellness kiosk set up with blood pressure monitor, weight scale & an oximeter can help identify health issues, manage long term health problems & create an important awareness of health information for your employees. This self-learning monitoring system collects real-time information on your employee’s daily wellness levels. Rules can be set & alerts activated if their patterns deviate.

Benefits of ecare

  • The ecare kiosk is a visual statement to staff that owners, directors & managers have a genuine concern about the well-being of their staff.
  • Improved feelings of wellness, through the timely collection, & storage of health data.
  • Reduce employee absences. The ability to track health trends is invaluable. Tackling a health issue at its inception is key.
  • Efficiency & Savings are generated through keeping your employees healthy, happy & most importantly at work.
  • Increase staff awareness by encouraging individuals to know what their health data should be.

Cost of ecare

ecare offers both purchase and rental options, with purchase price starting from $1,100 + gst, and rental starting from $168 + gst per month.

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